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G Utopia G Utopia 28 March

Introduction and changes

Hello everyone

I didn't introduce myself properly so let me do it now. My name is G Utopia and I adopted this wiki. My goal is to finally complete this wiki and add every information. You got probably few questions so I will try clear some out:

  • 1 FAQ
    • 1.1 Why did you adopt this wiki? What happened with the old admin?
    • 1.2 Why did you turned off non-registered user editting?
    • 1.3 What are your plans?

I adopted this wiki because I saw how ruined the wiki from these vandalizers were. So I submitted an adoption request to the head of Fandom. The original owner (YuuSager) created this wiki. He did contribute to the wiki but was then for more then 4 years inactive. I tried to contact him but his Twitter was deleted and I dont have Tumblr.

As I said already he…

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