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G Utopia G Utopia 30 October 2021

Guidelines and reopening the wiki to all

Hello everyone,

Today I made the decision to reopen the wiki to non logged-in users. Reason to that is the long inactivity of the wiki. Now everyone can edit most of the pages here. To prevent any wrong edits or vandalizing we made rules to how to behave in this community. Its still recommended to edit with a Fandom account since your IP will be exposed if you dont have an account. Also users with an account dont get harsher punishments unlike users without. A style manuel how to edit pages can be found here. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to ask a staff member or join our Discord.

Happy editting!
Head-Admin G Utopia

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G Utopia G Utopia 28 March 2021

Introduction and changes

Hello everyone

I didn't introduce myself properly so let me do it now. My name is G Utopia and I adopted this wiki. My goal is to finally complete this wiki and add every information. You got probably few questions so I will try clear some out:

  • 1 FAQ
    • 1.1 Why did you adopt this wiki? What happened with the old admin?
    • 1.2 Why did you turned off non-registered user editting?
    • 1.3 What are your plans?

I adopted this wiki because I saw how ruined the wiki from these vandalizers were. So I submitted an adoption request to the head of Fandom. The original owner (YuuSager) created this wiki. He did contribute to the wiki but was then for more then 4 years inactive. I tried to contact him but his Twitter was deleted and I dont have Tumblr.

As I said already he…

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