CLOCKUP Visual Novel's Wiki

The CLOCKUP Wiki Staff Team are people who administrate the CLOCKUP Visual Novel's Wiki. These people are getting elected via other staff members or Fandom Staff.


Staff Team
Name Picture Rank Join Data Description Status
YuuSager Staff YuuSager.png (ex-bureaucrat, ex-sysop)


8 January 2017 Original creator of Euphoria Wiki. Inactive
G Utopia Staff G Utopia.png bureaucrat, sysop 4 March 2021 New owner of CLOCKUP Wiki. Active
Jajara Staff Jajara.jpg content-moderator, rollback 26 June 2021 CLOCKUP wiki moderator: Help with moving the wiki's content. Active
FANDOM/Wikia FANDOM.png Fandom-Staff 8 January 2017 The official staff of Fandom.

The replies by these accounts are mostly automated.